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Seniors Better Together

It may not seem like it right now, but most things are better and brighter when we're in it together.
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With creativity and technology, senior communities have developed new ways to have fun, to socialize, and to feel joy each and every day.

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People look out for each other and protect each other in a community. You'll feel better with caregivers and new friends nearby.

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Shared experiences make for fast friends and help you feel like you're part of something bigger than yourself.

Why Community Living Now?

Despite new challenges, there are many positives to choosing a senior community right now. Here are some common thoughts we are hearing, and also some corresponding insights.
I don't want to move in and then be further separated from my family.

While it is likely there is a quarantine period right after you move in, it is also likely that because the community is adhering to strict safety protocols recommended by the WHO, CDC, and local health departments, families can visit soon. And you will be around a newly formed “family” looking out for your interests and safety as well. Many residents find they feel less lonely after they move in to a community with new found friends and neighbors.

I originally wanted to move to be closer to peers and have fun social things to do, but that doesn't seem to be happening now.

Actually, there are so many fun social activities going on in communities right now, it’s off the charts. Staff and residents have been busy adapting to the “new normal,” and coming up with creative ways to make sure the laughs and the connections continue. Some examples include instructor-led deck workouts, hallway parties, and drink carts.

I'm afraid that living in a communal setting will make me more susceptible to catching the virus.

There are risks right now with any kind of close human interaction, that is true. What you may not know is that senior communities have some of the strictest standards set up to manage COVID spread, much higher than shops, restaurants, and businesses have in most states. Residents are expressing how good this feels to know that community leaders and staff are looking out for them, so that they can go about life, and live with peace of mind and comfort.

I feel safer at home, even though I live alone. I still see a select group of family and friends online.

Many seniors, singles and couples alike, are feeling isolated and lonely right now, despite having connections to family and friends through technology. We have found there really is no substitute to having in-person interaction to help us feel more connected to each other and to the world around us. Residents who have neighbors next door, staff who regularly checks in with them, and family and friends online as well, are feeling more fulfilled and secure right now than those living alone.

These are strange times, that's for sure, but I'm impressed with the way the community is handling it all. All is well here. Lots of folks are out walking every day.

Rockwood South Hill, Resident
Charlotte Y.
Rockwood South Hill, Resident
Spokane • WA

I have a degree in Microbiology, so I understand how quickly viruses spread. The staff is doing agreat job with cleaning being done several times a day which is great. They are very diligent for our safety.

Rockwood South Hill, Resident
Walt J.
Rockwood South Hill, Resident
Spokane • WA

The community has done an outstanding job of keeping my dad safe during the pandemic. They work hard to address questions or concerns, and help family members find ways to stay as connected with our loved ones as possible. I’m so glad my dad is in such a lovely place surrounded by caring staff during this extremely difficult time.

Quail Park - Daughter of Senior Living Resident
Karin A.
Quail Park, Daughter of Resident
West Seattle • WA

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, my mom has been cared for with professional and warm attentiveness. Foundation House at Northgate has maintained all their crucial services and have put their residents at the top of their lengthy list of priorities.

Foundation House Senior Living - Son of Senior Living Resident
Foundation House at Northgate
Son of Resident • Seattle • WA

My children know that I am in a very good and safe place. Interesting residents embrace me and together we are on the path into the autumn of our life. I am glad I don’t have to cook anymore. I will enjoy the upcoming art class. All staff members are kind and helpful. No regrets of moving here.

Foundation House Senior Living - Resident
Foundation House at Northgate, Resident
Seattle • WA

I'm so glad to be here. While so many are dealing with this illness, having their lives turned completely upside down, I need not worry, and am grateful knowing caring staff will provide whatever I need.

Franke Tobey Jones - Senior Living Resident
Jan S.
Franke Tobey Jones, Resident
Tacoma • WA

We are so lucky that we have no need to expose ourselves to shopping for necessities. We can also be certain that we will have healthy meals delivered daily!

Judson Park - Senior Living Resident
Janet L.
Judson Park, Resident
Des Moines • WA

Herons Key continues to be a blessing during the pandemic. I lived alone in a remote area prior to moving. To have been quarantined there would have been horrible on several levels - no neighbors, no shopping, and distance from hospital.

Heron's Key - Senior Living Resident
Linnea M.
Heron's Key, Resident
Gig Harbor • WA

I have never witnessed my mom so happy and healthy. She has the most amazing friend collective. It gives me peace of mind that her community provides her this supportive, active, and safe environment.

Heron's Key - Senior Living Daughter of Resident
Sari D.
Heron's Key, Daughter of Resident
Gig Harbor • WA

I find being part of a communal effort encourages people to look out for each other. I relish supporting everyone. In return, staff works diligently to provide socially distanced activities, safe visits, meals, transportation, and an abundance of compassion for everyone.

Summit at First Hill Senior Living, Resident
Debbie S.
Summit at First Hill, Resident
Seattle • WA

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Good things happen when we learn and grow together! We want seniors to live their best life in whatever environment they choose. Many times that is in a community setting with their peers. We have teamed up with senior living providers across the country to share positive stories of what is happening in their communities. While we are social distancing and adhering to safety measures, this is still a time to experience joy in the people around us and in our communities.

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